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Founded in 2006, our full service physical therapy and rehabilitation clinics serve clients of all ages and levels of functionality in a caring and compassionate environment. In addition to our standard physical therapy services, we have acquired a reputation for excellence in sports medicine and offer licensed event athletic trainers. Today we are proud to be considered the premiere sports medicine athletic injury care center In West Texas.  

PhyTEx, our trademarked name*, stands for “Physical Therapy Extra” which defines our mission of offering regular PT services along with sports medicine and athletic training services.  Our company goal is for our licensed staff to have specialized credentials in order to better serve your needs. 

Our company is staffed by four partners, Jim Carlson, Gary (Steve) Ward, Greg Andis, and David Godino, along with an experienced and well-trained, licensed staff.



*The name PhyTEx is trademarked. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use “rehabilitation and sports medicine associates.”

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