» Buying the Correct Golf Clubs to Prevent Injuries

Buying the Correct Golf Clubs to Prevent Injuries

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Golf is a common sport with approximately 55 million regular players worldwide. Not only is golf pleasurable to play, but it also provides both mental and physical health benefits.

Golf requires skill, precision, and the right equipment. One important factor that impacts the health benefits of golf is the use of improper golf equipment, including golf clubs. Many golfers suffer from injuries due to using inappropriate clubs, leading to overuse injuries or injuries caused by poor swing biomechanics. It's therefore important to invest in a set of golf clubs that are suitable for your needs.

Some of the things you should consider when buying golf clubs to avoid injury include:

  • Club length – your club should match your height and arm length to help you maintain a comfortable posture and avoid bending too much or too little.
  • Club weight – your club should not be too heavy or too light because this will affect your swing balance and speed. A heavier club may generate more force, but it can also cause fatigue and muscle strain. Extra club weight also puts your body into an unnatural position during your swing, which can put unnecessary strain on your body. On the other hand, a lighter club may be easier to swing but can reduce your stability and shot accuracy. Graphite shafts offer an ideal combination of vibration and weight reduction, which helps to take stress off of your body during your swing while maintaining a quality shot.
  • Club grip – softer grips help to reduce vibration in your hands, wrists, and elbow, helping to decrease stress on these areas.
  • Shaft flex – the shaft of your club is the part that connects the grip and the head. The flex refers to how much the shaft bends during your swing. The flex should match the style and speed of your swing because this affects the distance and direction of the ball. A stiffer shaft may be a better option if you’re a faster swinger, while a flexible shaft may be a better option if you have a slower swing.
  • Shape and size of the golf club head – the head is the part of your club that hits the ball. The shape and size of the head influence the forgiveness and control of your club. A larger head offers more forgiveness, allowing for the correction of swing errors. A smaller head offers more control, allowing for a more precise shot.
  • Number and type of clubs – there are many different types of clubs for different situations, including drivers, irons, woods, wedges, and putters. Ensure you have a variety of clubs in your bag to suit your needs, but avoid having too many, as this increases the weight of your bag.
  • Using a push cart – even if you’re using the fewest number of lighter clubs, carrying a bag across the course can lead to stress and injury. Investing in a push cart still allows you to experience the joy of walking the course without having unnecessary stress on your body from a heavy bag.

The Role of Physical Therapy in Golf Club Selection 

Choosing the right golf clubs to avoid injury may seem like a daunting task. Your Physical Therapist can help you choose the golf clubs best suited for your needs that will not only help you on the course but also help you avoid injury.



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